Position Title: Medical Officer

Duties and Responsibilities
The position is a senior management role, and exists to effectively represent and
develop quality service provision at Livewell Network of Clinics and Hospitals. The
medical officer will be responsible for the management, supervision and provision of
high quality clinical/medical services to patients s through management of objectively
measured quality standards, and continuous support and guidance to the clinics and
hospitals staff.


  • Provide treatment for a wide variety of common health problems.
  • Attend to emergency calls
  • Educate staff and dependents on emerging medical concerns
  • Conduct research in field of specialty treatment of outpatients.
  • Supervise other medical personnel (clinical officers, lab technicians and nurses)
  • Play a central role in clinical governance.
  • Develop and maintain treatment policies, protocols, procedures and processes at
    any activity level,
  • Continually develop and train medical staff and preferred providers on policies
    and developments
  • Supervise and monitor service delivery (quality assurance) at all levels
  • Approve, recruit and appoint preferred providers and medical staff in conjunction
    with the CEO and the COO.
  • Ensure all medical requirements by the authorities (approval, accreditations,
    licensing etc) for the facilities are properly approved and maintained.
  • Manage and supervise drugs stocks and prescriptions as well as ensuring the
    network observe the agreed treatment procedures.
  • Evaluate and advice on all medical bills managed on behalf of our clients
  • Develop and manage primary healthcare promotion and training to our clients
  • Develop healthcare products for customers to achieve company’s objectives.
  • Involvement in setting up Livewell clinics and hospitals
  • Any other duties assigned to you

Management duties

  • Ensure that overall quality of all Health Clinics/hospitals meets standards with
    regards to patient management, record keeping, commercial performance,
    group dynamics, Health information statistics, premises, commercial data,
    diagnosis and dispensing
  • Responsible for training management for clinical staff – Training Needs
    Assessment, development of training schedules, development of training
    materials, delivery of basic training and management of training consultants as
  • Responsible for fulfillment of District Public Health inspector licensing
    requirements of all existing and new clinics
  • Monitor all relevant clinic level operations, information, education,
    communication issues to support their timely resolution for efficient and
    professional service delivery
  • Coordinate Medical Officers, Dentists and other specialists for special
    consultation sessions and rotations.
  • Ensure all facilities receive regular supervisory visits, manage Clinical Officers
    and submit regular report summaries of key issues arising out of clinic visits.
  • Provide knowledge and hands-on know-how in the essential healthcare
    service delivery area, develop training strategy, create and implement new
    network clinics operations training strategies.
  • Recommend the strategic positioning of facilities so that they are both socially
    effective and economically viable by collecting and analyzing data from the
    clinics relevant to the pricing, quality assurance, accessibility, etc.
  • Submit regular monthly written and periodic verbal reports on facilities status
    to the CEO.
  • Provide assistance as necessary with various logistics for establishment of
    new facilities to assure compliance
  • Support effective management and supervision within the network through
    review of meeting records and action plans for each individual clinic to
    encourage strategic long-term operations planning.
  • Assist with on-boarding/induction of new employees, and conduct continuing
    education sessions for existing employees per agreed schedules.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
  • Must be registered with the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board
  • At least three (3) years  (post-basic) experience in a busy reputable outpatient
    clinic or hospital
  • Must be willing to work odd hours and on weekends/holidays
  • Must be willing to do work visits in any of the institutions clinics and hospitals in
    the country

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