LiveWell has worked since 2009 to establish clinics and hospitals providing quality services for low income clients. Our model involves the engagement of professional health workers, who are trained to maintain quality standards with attention to the best customer care and follow up. The Livewell Network works with partners to run regular community engagement programs for health education and promotion. We are accredited by numerous insurance companies and NHIF.


To deliver quality and reliable healthcare services to under-served populations by providing business support to healthcare professionals in Kenya.


Build a recognised network of health businesses in the country owned and managed by Clinical Officers,
Registered Nurses and Medical Officers directly serving their communities for the long term.


  • To establish and equip clinics and hospitals according to government regulations
  • To buy existing clinic or hospital businesses
  • To finance by way of loans health professionals of all affiliations to buy fully equipped clinics
  • To source financial capital and grants from individuals, corporations, financial institutions, and other such sources for establishing or buying existing clinics and hospitals
  • To provide management services to clinics and hospitals under a wholly managed Network agreement
  • To procure locally or import medical equipment, pharmaceutical drugs and laboratory supplies for use in clinics and hospitals